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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide – How to Increase Inventory Capacity – All Known Golden Trove Beetles Locations

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In typical RPG style, Dragon’s Dogma 2 simulates encumbrance or carry weight, which may severely restrict the stock capability of each participant character and Pawns. The answer to this drawback is the Golden Trove Beetle, an Implement which when consumed raises the carry capability by 150 grams, or 0.15 kg for every beetle.

The impact is utilized to each you and your Fundamental Pawn, successfully doubling the worth.

When you can carry as much as 99 of those Golden Trove Beetles, there isn’t a level hoarding them, as they themselves weigh 50 grams, or 0.05 kg every. As an alternative, devour them instantly and acquire their profit, tiny as it might appear individually. Finally it’s going to add up, with some bonuses conferred at sure milestones.

The distributors Angus, and Folkes might inventory Golden Trove Beetles for the exorbitant sum of 5000 gold every.

When looking particularly for Golden Trove Beetles, be certain to take action at night time, as their glow stands out way more within the darkness, making them far simpler to identify.

As for the final location of Golden Trove Beetles, here’s a video with all recognized places throughout Gransys.

That’s every part we have now to share on growing stock capability with Golden Trove Beetles in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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