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How to solve Perspective Bender Domain puzzles in Wuthering Waves

One other area in Wuthering Waves, one other problem to finish. Right here is the right way to resolve all Perspective Bender area puzzles and full the Configurational Reality problem in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves: resolve Perspective Bender Area puzzles

Earlier than you begin worrying concerning the Perspective Bneder area puzzles in Wuthering Waves, you’ll first should full the Restart the Radar facet quest present in Rearguard Base. On the similar time, facet quests will solely unlock when you full the Ominous Star principal quest within the recreation. When you do each of those necessities, the doorway to the Perspective Bender area will open. It’s positioned close to Camp Overwatch, northwest of the Withering Frontline.

Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender Location
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Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender Entrance
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Wuthering Waves Configurational Truth
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Perspective Bender Area Puzzle #1

When you get inside, you’ll instantly face the mechanic of this area: match the tiles. You will notice a sample within the door in entrance of you which of them you’ll have to match with the tiles on the ground. To change stated tiles, carry out a plunging assault. To do that, simply do a fundamental assault in mid-air. On this first puzzle, hit the dotted tile to resolve it.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 1
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Perspective Bender Area Puzzle #2

The second mechanic of the puzzle will probably be launched within the subsequent room. Work together with the machine to activate a rotating mechanism that can rotate the entire room in entrance of you. There are some tiles and a chest on this room. Rotate clockwise twice to get the chest after which return to the machine to rotate the room clockwise two extra instances.

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Wuthering Waves Device
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Hit all three dotted tiles within the floor to open up the door in entrance of you. You’ll arrive at a room with a Flobble which is able to launch you into the air. Accomplish that to get to the same room with one other rotating machine.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 2
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Perspective Bender Area Puzzle #3

Rotate the room clockwise solely as soon as in order that the opening is ready on the proper. Inside you’ll find one other set of tiles within the circulation, with the sample to duplicate proper in entrance of you. Match it by hitting the dotted tile and a gap will probably be revealed.

Wuthering Waves Rotating Room 2
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Wuthering Waves Puzzle 3
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Right here, battle the TD enemies within the room so as to gather a Tidal Heritage. Return to the room and rotate the room clockwise as soon as extra to go away a gap on the underside. You will discover one other Flobble that can shoot you as much as one other room full of TD enemies. Beat them and transfer ahead to seek out the ultimate puzzle of the area.

Wuthering Waves Td Fight 1
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Wuthering Waves Flobble
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Wuthering Waves Td Fight 2
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Perspective Bender Area Puzzle #4

This room is a little more complicated than those earlier than. After you enter it, work together with the Stone Pill that’s being highlighted after which with the rotating machine. Flip the room clockwise twice which is able to find yourself lining up the 2 openings on the facet with the underside half of tide patterns inscribed on the inside and outer partitions as seen beneath.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4
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Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4 Room
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The answer to the puzzle may appear overly difficult, however all it’s a must to do is hit all of the tiles which might be coloured white in all three patterns within the partitions above. It doesn’t matter if considered one of them doesn’t function the white tiles, hit them anyway if they seem white within the different patterns on the partitions. This can find yourself with you hitting 4 tiles – the 2 within the northwest and the 2 within the northeast of the pattern.

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Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4 Solution
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When you achieve this, a chest stuffed up with objects resembling Shell Credit and Astrites will seem. Acquire it and work together with the portal to go away the area and get again to the open world. The toughest problem of this problem is by far the final room, however I hope that my rationalization is sensible to you! If not, then simply match the tiles with the pic above and luxuriate in your rewards.

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