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Best Destiny 2 Titan Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities

Strand has at all times been my go-to Titan Subclass because it’s devastating and straightforward to make use of. Prismatic might lastly change that. Listed here are our Finest Future 2 Titan Prismatic builds: Points, Fragments, and talents.

Finest PvE Prismatic Titan construct in Future 2

I foolishly wrote off the Prismatic Subclass at launch as a result of I figured it wasn’t as survivable because the legendary Banner of Struggle Titan. That construct continues to be viable, however Prismatic Titans are spoiled for selection of methods to remain alive.

This construct has all the things I would like for a Titan. Mountains of injury discount and a deal with punching issues within the face! Right here’s the way it works:

Finest Hunter’s Journal Artifact Perks for the Prismatic Titan

There are some potent bonuses accessible within the Hunter’s Journal, so be sure to equip them. Don’t fear in the event you can’t entry all of those immediately, however listed here are some Perks I like to recommend you’re employed towards:

  • Radiant Orbs – Whereas a Photo voltaic or Prismatic Subclass is supplied, choosing up an Orb of Energy makes you Radiant.
  • Galvanic Armor – Whilst you have an Arc or Prismatic Subclass outfitted, incoming harm is diminished whereas Amplified.
  • Shieldcrush – Whilst you have Woven Mail, Frost Armor, or a Void Overshield, your Melee recharges sooner and offers extra harm. Whereas Amplified or Radiant, your grenade recharges sooner and offers extra harm.

Radiant Orbs and Galvanic Armor are straight bonuses to our survivability. Whereas we don’t use the Void subclass, we do use the Prismatic Tremendous, Twilight Arsenal, which is Void. Shieldcrush pairs properly with our Tremendous and makes us nigh unkillable whereas it’s reside.

Finest PvE Prismatic Titan Points and Fragments

Best Destiny 2 Titan Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities
Screenshot: gamenewspost

After making an attempt out a number of Prismatic builds and concepts, right here’s the construct that works greatest for me, even at a degree deficit:

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  • Diamond Lance – Shatter or defeat targets with skills or Stasis weapons to create a Stasis Lance.
  • Knockout – Critically wounding a goal or breaking their protect infuses your Melee with Arc vitality. Melee vary and harm are elevated briefly whereas on this state. Defeating enemies with melee assaults makes you Amplified and restores a portion of your well being.


  • Aspect of Safety – You’re extra immune to incoming harm whereas surrounded by enemies.
  • Aspect of Function – Selecting up an Orb of Energy grants both Amplify, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or Void Overshield based mostly on the kind of your Tremendous.
  • Aspect of Smash – This will increase the dimensions and harm of the burst if you shatter a Stasis Crystal or Frozen Goal. Will increase the dimensions of Photo voltaic Ignitions.
  • Aspect of Daybreak – Powered melee hits towards targets make you Radiant. Powered remaining blows make each you and close by allies Radiant.
  • Aspect of Braveness – Your Arc, Photo voltaic, and Void skills deal elevated harm to opponents by a Darkness debuff.

Knockout is definitely one of many strongest Points accessible to the Prismatic Titan and is considered one of a number of avenues we use for survivability. I’ve tentatively put Diamond Lance within the construct, however you do have just a few choices right here. I desperately need to suggest Consecration, however I discover it unreliable and awkward. When you’ve got no difficulty with the power, it really works nice with our Fragments and offers first rate Radiance uptime.

I discover Diamond Lance straightforward to make use of, and it goes nicely with our Glacier Grenades, which I’ll speak about later.

As for Fragments, the Aspect of Safety is crucial for harm discount. Aspect of Function pairs with our Prismatic Tremendous and offers us a Void Overshield at any time when we decide up an Orb of Energy. I discover that Aspect of Smash is at all times a viable fragment in the event you use Stasis or Photo voltaic, and Aspect of Daybreak provides us Radiance. Lastly, Aspect of Braveness makes our Thunderclap deal unimaginable harm if they’re affected by our Diamond Lances or Glacier Grenades.

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These Points and Fragments could also be laborious to visualise with out the Talents to tie them to, so let’s hit these subsequent.

Finest PvE Prismatic Titan Talents

Prism Super
Screenshot: gamenewspost
  • Tremendous – Twilight Arsenal
  • Class Capability – Towering Barricade
  • Motion – Strafe Elevate
  • Melee Capability – Thunderclap
  • Grenade – Glacier Grenade

You may change your Class and Motion skills to fit your preferences, however the remaining three Talents make the construct work. The Prismatic Titan Tremendous, Twilight Arsenal is an outstanding harm seller and is splendidly fashionable. Because it’s Void, we get Overshields from our Aspect of Function, which is one other defensive boon for the construct.

Thunderclap is a good melee potential that may be charged to deal much more harm. We acquire Radiance from Aspect of Daybreak and this may occur quite a bit in the event you absolutely cost these Thunderclap punches. The Glacier Grenade is considered one of our routes to filling our Darkness bar with Transcendence. We’ve buffed it with the Fragment of Smash, and Fragment of Braveness makes our Thunderclap punches deal extra harm towards frozen targets.

Finest PvE Prismatic Titan Exotics and Mods

Screenshot: gamenewspost

Unique Armor

  • Severance Enclosure – Powered Melee Kills and finishers unleash explosions.


  • Appetence Hint Rifle
  • Verglas Curve Bow
  • Brigand’s Legislation Sidearm
  • Indebted Kindness Sidearm
  • Edge Transit Grenade Launcher
  • Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher

Armor Mods

  • Helmet – Heavy Ammo Finder x2
  • Gauntlets – Momentum Switch x2, Heavy Handed x1
  • Chest – Arc Resistance, Void Resistance, Photo voltaic Resistance
  • Legs – Absolution, Innervation, Recuperation
  • Titan Mark – Reaper x1, Bomber x2.
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I don’t like builds that strongarm me into particular weapon decisions. For my part, there are too many cool legendary weapons in Future 2 to solely use a handful. I’ve urged just a few first rate weapons, however this construct works like a contained engine as we lean closely into our Arc melee prowess. Brigand’s Legislation and Indebted Kindness each require Voltshot to actually pop off, so preserve that in thoughts.

Whereas the Edge Transit might seem to be a poor match for an Arc and Stasis construct, it’s ridiculous in harm phases in case you have one with Envious Murderer and Bait and Change.

There are just a few Exotics that may work nicely with our Points and Fragments, however I like to recommend the Severence Enclosure. It’s a easy Unique, however makes our Thunderclap Punches deal much more harm as our opponents explode after they die.

Can I take advantage of this construct within the Crucible?

On the time of writing, it’s laborious to say how Prismatic builds will work in PvP. Fragments work in a different way between PvE and PvP and might be important in a single mode and dreadful within the different. A lot of the construct on this information must be OK within the Crucible, however I’d swap your main weapon to one thing just like the Endless Tempest SMG with Dynamic Sway Discount and Goal Lock.

As most weapons work positive with this construct, be sure you’ve bought each Unique weapon you want for the robust battles forward.

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