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Turnip Boy Robs A Bank review: continuing Turnip Boy's story in slightly chaotic roguelite style

Readers could keep in mind how a lot I appreciated Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, principally due to how humorous it was. It was an clever and considerably loving tackle a Zelda-y RPG – a small city hero will get a sword and goes on a rampage preventing some bosses – besides the principle character is a turnip. And in addition he tears up any paperwork handed to him. Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution follows immediately on from his Tax Evasion, and it is not fairly as humorous or as targeted, however it’s additionally a wholly totally different style of sport, and I’ve an enormous quantity respect for that.

It is not going to be unrecogniseable should you performed and loved Tax Evasion – it nonetheless has the identical superb character artwork, largely the identical solid, and the identical sense of humour – however Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution is an motion roguelite. Having found his id because the eldest son and inheritor of the crime boss Don Turnipchino, Turnipchino II is allied with the Pickled Gang (a gang of pickles he met on the finish of the final sport) to, you recognize, rob the financial institution. A number of instances, which is the place the roguelitery is available in. Everytime you arrive on the financial institution, you solely have a couple of minutes to lift hell earlier than SWAT groups of the fuzz arrive. In the event you die, your take house is smaller, so it is good to get whereas the getting is nice, as you set the cash again into upgrades and instruments it is advisable open up new areas of the financial institution.

Not solely will Turnip Boy want, for instance, boots to stroll by means of the poisonous ooze close to the again of the financial institution, and a torch to mild his approach, it is also helpful to get C4 early on so you possibly can blow open safes. Such gadgets will be sourced from the darkish internet, whereas a hench cyborg tomato will give you boosts to your well being, carrying capcity, injury, the time you possibly can spend within the financial institution, and in addition an AOE bag of milk that explodes (and apologises) whenever you’re hit by an enemy.

By this level you may already know should you’ll benefit from the tone of Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution. I do! The jokes aren’t fairly as quite a few or clearly primarily based on style tropes, however I suppose it is more durable parodying a roguelike than an RPG. Most of the finest yuks are predicated on you having performed the unique Turnip Boy sport. When somebody provides you a little bit of paper this time, it’s laminated; “They’ve realized”, you’re instructed. However there may be, to be fully honest, a excessive flooring on how a lot I will get pleasure from Turnip Boy. The idea is simply inherently humorous, particularly whenever you add Turnip Boy’s restricted however extraordinarily communicative suite of facial expressions. The fuzz are known as the fuzz as a result of the cops are principally peaches. Come on. It’d take a chilly coronary heart certainly to not crack a smile at Turnip Boy having a boss struggle with an enormous mutant toffee apple, or a head of safety who’s in actual fact a potato known as Sergeant Yeehaw.

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Although the halls are stuffed with bell pepper guards, the bosses are the place your fight abilities are put to the check. It is not extremely deep, however fight is relentlessly cheerful, and does require some pre-planning in your half. Turnip Boy can equip two weapons without delay, the bottom two being a pistol and his wood sword. You’ll be able to decide up weirder and higher weapons – a cactus that shoots spines, a large scythe, an power sword – however you possibly can’t pack something into your stock for later. So each time you come throughout a brand new weapon you need to take into consideration what kind of fights you are going to have within the fast future. In the event you survive your financial institution theft, you retain no matter weapons you’ve on you, and may commerce within the unique ones towards weapon analysis. You would possibly need to maintain the large fish you discovered, however buying and selling it in will unlock the shotgun as a beginning weapon. Weapons are distinct sufficient in velocity, injury and unfold that you will have favourites, however the boss fights aren’t difficult Soulsian affairs, and principally it will solely take you a few makes an attempt to nail the bullet hell of all of it. Most techniques, when you study the boss patterns, will be diminished to “run round urgent assault”.

The Sergeant Yeehaw, a boss fight in Turnip Boy Robs A Bank. He's a potato with spikey fries-like hair and a grey moustache

Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun / Graffiti Video games

There’s one boss in every nook of the principle flooring of the financial institution, every in a themed space of escalating issue and entertaining theme. Whenever you run into the potato sergeant he is the toughest encounter you’ve got had, so you come back to robbing the financial institution till you are stronger and higher. You then beat him, return to robbing till you come up with the money for to purchase a cardboard field, use the field to get entry to the toffee apple, and repeat that course of. It will get a bit grindy, however Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution makes an effort to maintain issues contemporary by popping lifts round that major flooring, and randomising the place they take you. There are places of work, a satanic thunderdome, a mushroom-based cult, a bathe locker room the place you possibly can retailer weapons for later runs, a DJ who seems to be like a Darkish Souls bonfire, and so forth. On many of those flooring you may discover characters who both offer you missions or are the mission goal indirectly, e.g. workplace employee who needs signed divorce papers from her husband elsewhere within the financial institution.

So you possibly can think about the way it goes. You discover the maritally-disadvantaged lime girl on an workplace flooring and, after cracking all of the safes round her, discover her husband and shake that sucker down for the papers. However then you need to cheese it ‘cos the fuzz are coming – however the subsequent time you rob the financial institution, not one of the lifts go to her workplace. As an alternative you discover one lonely man who needs a lot of pet rocks, most of that are gathered by doing favours for different individuals. A goblin needs a bodypillow, that type of factor. These facet missions are of variable appeal, however even there you may discover some consideration to element that possibly a distinct studio would not be arsed with. Whenever you provide the pet rocks, they seem in his room, leaping across the flooring.

Turnip Boy talks to an elderly lime in Turnip Boy Robs A Bank. The lime is thanking Turnip Boy for shaking him

Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun / Graffiti Video games

It does lack the main target I loved in Tax Evasion, however maybe I similar to roguelites lower than I do RPGs. And although it is at risk of getting tiresome regardless of the variability, Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution would not outstay its welcome. You’ll be able to most likely full the sport in about 8 hours, which is a perfect runtime should you ask me, and is greater than sufficient time to make sufficient cash to get all of the upgrades after which some. The sport additionally advantages from the extraordinarily brief size of every try and rob the financial institution, as you can also make quite a lot of progress in about half an hour, which is about ten robberies, give or take.

So it positively leans into the lite in roguelite, however it’s an excellent model of that, and it does rather more with its story and characters than you would possibly count on. Turnip Boy Robs A Financial institution absolutely commits to the bit, would not really feel the necessity to clarify itself, and it is having enjoyable – all issues which might be large ticks. I believe it is not tremendous welcoming to a participant who is not already a Turnip Boy fan, and, certainly, it is my second favorite Turnip Boy sport, however I nonetheless hope there are extra video games on this world which might be all a bit totally different, each single time.



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