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Flashback 2 review: a broken travesty of a retro revival

As a chunk of nostalgia, Flashback 2 didn’t remind me of Delphine’s 1992 Amiga puzzle platforming traditional a lot as some extra notorious fragments of gaming’s previous. Just like the Attic bug in Jet Set Willy, for instance, which made the sport unimaginable to finish, or the unfeasibly strict time restrict in a degree of Robocop on the Commodore 64, which legend has it was diminished deliberately to cover glitches on the following stage. Certainly, the probabilities of seeing the ultimate elements of Flashback 2 in its present state appear so distant, you must marvel what state they’d be in whenever you obtained there.

To be clear, then, I haven’t accomplished Flashback 2. In fact, I haven’t obtained very far in any respect. The most important motive for that is that the save operate on my overview copy stopped working. Within the first hour or so, the sport autosaved commonly, whereas terminals in every location enabled handbook saving. Then instantly, nothing. The terminals, it appears, might solely be used as soon as – presumably a bug not a function – and as soon as I might exhausted these makes use of, the autosave surrendered, too. Deleting save states to create room for extra was fruitless, as was reinstalling the sport.

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Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun/Microids

By the point I’d understood my predicament, I’d pottered on for one more hour or so, all for nought. Nonetheless, I felt it was my skilled responsibility to forge on, even with out saving. However then I found one thing else – my most up-to-date saves had glitched. In a single, a elevate on the important path stopped functioning. Within the subsequent, my gun now not labored. Within the third, issues went OK for some time till our intrepid hero Conrad B Hart obtained caught on some surroundings and terminally glitched out.

I hope you’ll forgive me for deciding that even responsibility has its limits. Sure, I might have began the entire thing afresh, however truthfully I’d seen sufficient. If Flashback 2 was an impressed and even half-decent effort marred by launch bugs, I’d give it extra time (I imply, I completed Cyberpunk 2077 on a base PS4 at launch). The truth, nonetheless, is that these glitches are symptomatic of Flashback 2’s total high quality, or the absence of. Whereas patches could in the end iron out game-breaking hiccups (though not to this point), nothing else within the sport suggests potential for redemption.

Certain, at a look, the sport’s cyberpunk opening appears moderately atmospheric, albeit cliched, with pristine skyscrapers and digital billboards caught cheek by jowl behind seedy neon indicators and evening golf equipment. Greased by fittingly moody synth tunes, Conrad’s return is no less than properly staged. But deal with the vistas past that first look and you will find that they are blurry and imprecise, setting the tone for an journey that is ill-defined at each flip.

Conrad himself is one downside, a youthful model of the unique’s non-descript agent dude, what with occasions right here set in 2134, as a substitute of 2142. With rolled up sleeves and denims tucked into excessive prime trainers, he’s a child very a lot caught within the early 90s, proper right down to his goofy perspective and tacky quips. “I’ll by no means have sufficient bug spray for all this,” he jokes as he drops right into a room filled with large mutant bugs, talking to nobody specifically. He’s not a lot Bond as Bubsy Bobcat, or an escapee from Saved by the Bell.

Riding a cyberbike in Flashback 2.

Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun/Microids

On this approach, Flashback 2 proves that there’s real talent in making a profitable retro revival by demonstrating none of it. A couple of shrugged up one-liners and references don’t disguise a scarcity of creativeness or guile, or the cheapness of its script and voice performances. One of many NPCs you must cope with after the tutorial sequence is a neighborhood mafia boss known as Mike Corleoni, who’s exactly the sort of “that’ll do” joke creation you’d look forward to finding in a 90s laptop sport, when characters and writing have been usually far much less important. Now his presence is about as humorous as waking up subsequent to a horse’s head.

The plot embodies the identical philosophy too. Conrad awakens in an odd metropolis and has to search for his kidnapped buddy Ian. Corleoni has info, however will solely share it should you enter a neighborhood mech-fighting competitors and beat the present champ, Shark Fu (a throwaway reference to Delphine’s risible 1994 Shaquille O’Neal car, Shaq Fu). Now you want 1000 credit to purchase an affordable mech, and the one strategy to get it’s to move to the job centre and fulfil a couple of requests. With luck, Ian hasn’t been murdered or offered into slavery or starved to demise within the meantime.

The roles themselves are a mixture of fetch quests and shootouts unfold throughout three places, and excitingly you get to journey between stated places on a superpowered hoverbike. Besides, in a victory for smart city planning, these disparate locations are linked by a easy ring street, and the one problem is popping off on the right exit, lest you must full one other tour. Certain, it’s best to be careful for site visitors, particularly because it tends to clump collectively like an American soccer defensive position, however collisions solely sluggish you down a bit, and it’s not like there’s a time restrict or any precise risk to contemplate. Think about Wipeout recreated as a Sunday drive across the M25.

Two mighty mechs face off in Flashback 2.

Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun/Microids

There’s not rather more substance in the remainder of the sport’s motion both. The platform puzzling within the authentic Flashback required some thought, together with cautious leaping, climbing and positioning to get the drop on enemies. Right here, ‘puzzles’ are a matter of speaking to highlighted NPCs till you’re given a door code, or opening a locker to discover a key. Leaping and climbing, in the meantime, are context delicate, accessible solely close to a ledge or hole, whereas enemies teleport in throughout you.

It’s all very fundamental, then, but additionally extraordinarily clumsy. Primarily that’s a matter of perspective, by which I imply digital camera positioning relatively than private style. The primary Flashback was very a lot a 2D sport with clear spatial guidelines. And though Flashback 2 initially seems to be a typical ‘2.5D’ trendy sequel, putting Conrad on a single aircraft inside 3D environments, he can really transfer into and out of the display as effectively. On the upside, that (in concept) permits for extra intricate degree design, and an upward shift in angle throughout fight that makes it really feel extra like a twin-stick shooter. In lots of different methods, although, it’s a serious headache.

For a begin, the principle, virtually side-on view sees you always snagging on furnishings, exacerbating frustrations with Conrad’s already sticky, cumbersome motion. Merely getting about could be a fiddly course of, too. That is particularly awkward in fight conditions when the digital camera doesn’t readjust, as focusing on enemies turns into horribly haphazard, not least every time they draw near Conrad. And all for what? Flashback 2 by no means actually does something with this further depth. As soon as the novelty of shifting into the background a bit to press a swap wears off, a less complicated association appears much more preferable.

As for the massive mech battle towards the unbeaten champ, I received first time by hammering a button. It’s one other underwhelming second that reinforces the sense that the whole lot right here is padding round a non-existent core sport loop. Each scene and have is weak, half-baked filler that certainly should have been conceived as rather more on the drafting board, as a result of the choice is difficult to fathom.


Picture credit score: gamenewspost Shotgun/Microids

Actually, the sport’s shoddy, rushed technical situation backs that concept up. Efficiency is suffering from stutters, whereas choices are sparse – graphics settings permit a blanket collection of low, medium and excessive, together with toggles for dynamic decision and DLSS, and controller help isn’t absolutely carried out. On demise, you select between ‘resume’, ‘proceed’, and ‘give up’, and bizarrely ‘resume’ actually resurrects you within the scene, at no penalty. Properly, besides when the menu stays in place, overlaying the motion, and all you are able to do is wait to die once more. I additionally seen that each NPC in a sitting place was caught in a loop of rotating their heads aspect to aspect, as if watching an limitless tennis rally. I don’t know after they began, however they’ve by no means stopped since.

I’ll admit, I did get some laughs out of Flashback 2’s ineptitude, however then it’s a lot simpler to see the humorous aspect whenever you haven’t forked out for the privilege. The stark reality as soon as the laughter stops is that that is the worst sort of retro revival, a flashback solely in probably the most disagreeable sense of the phrase to the buried traumas of gaming historical past. As a critic, I’d all the time relatively write critiques as items of important evaluation than client guides. However with Flashback 2 there’s actually just one factor to say: don’t purchase it.

This overview is predicated on a duplicate of the sport supplied by the writer.



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