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Persona 3 Reload Kenji answers and Magician Social Link guide

Kenji Tomochika is likely one of the first buddies you’ll make in Persona 3 Reload. He’s the Magician Arcana Social Hyperlink, so hanging out with him offers you boosts when fusing Personas like Jack Frost or Nekomata.

Kenji is likely one of the best Social Hyperlinks to max out in Persona 3 Reload, however you’ll be able to advance your friendship even sooner by selecting the best dialogue choices when hanging out with him. Persona 3 Reload additionally provides telephone requires Social Hyperlinks, so you’ll be able to earn factors with Kenji even with out seeing him in particular person.

When hanging out with Kenji, select these dialogue choices to maximise your friendship features. Not each dialogue alternative will have an effect on your relationship, so this information solely consists of the essential dialogue choices that may get to essentially the most Social Hyperlink factors. Additionally, be sure you have a Persona of the Magician Arcana in your possession when hanging out with Kenji as a way to take advantage of out of your hang around session. By bringing a Persona that matches the Arcana of the Social Hyperlink you’re making an attempt to enhance, you’ll stage up the Social Hyperlink even sooner than you’d with out it.

Persona 3 Reload Kenji Magician Social Link
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Rank 2

Necessary Query Reply
“Are you able to, like, simply waltz on into Takeba-san’s room and stuff?” “No manner.” or “That’s a secret.”
“I’m extra into older ladies. How ’bout you?” “I’m into older ladies, too.” or “I like all of them!”

Rank 3

Necessary Query Reply
“Maaan… I’m so sick of this, dude.” “What, of life?”
“Okay, that settles it. I’m gonna get myself a girlfriend! Proper now!” “Good luck!”

Rank 4

Necessary Query Reply
“I’m gonna go ask Ms. Kanou out! Like, proper now!” “Good luck!”

Rank 5

Necessary Query Reply
“Yeah, handsome folks simply flock collectively, y’know? It’s like a legislation of attraction.” “Okay…”

Rank 6

Necessary Query Reply
“I imply, moving into faculty is fairly essential, don’t ya assume? You consider the longer term too, proper?” “I’ve received plans already.”

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Rank 7

Necessary Query Reply
“I can’t eat…” “What occurred?”
“I noticed {a magazine} in Emiri’s room. Guess what it was known as.” “Bride-to-Be?”
“You assume that’s an excellent plan?” “Congrats!”

Rank 8

Necessary Query Reply
“H-hey, man. Sorry to make you come right here. I, um… Ah, rattling it…” “Are you in bother?”
“And now she’s being transferred to a faculty in Kyushu. What do I do?” “It is best to go together with her.” or “You two ought to speak it out.”

Rank 9

Necessary Query Reply
“I used to be so enthusiastic about going together with her that I… I…” “Let me deal with this!”

Rank 10

Necessary Query Reply
“Man, it’s at all times a blast hanging out with you. That stated… I nonetheless need a girlfriend!” “You need me to seek out you a woman?” or “You’ve received this!”

Telephone Name Solutions

Necessary Query Reply
“Effectively? Whaddya assume? Good plan, proper?” “I’ve received a greater plan…”
“Perhaps she’s terrified of catching it… Is it contagious?” “No, it’s not.”
“Do you assume I could make her comfortable?” “You’ll do high quality.”
“Are you able to simply… overlook that ever occurred?” “Positive.” or “Overlook what occurred?”

When you attain Rank 10 with Kenji, he’ll provide the Handmade Choker as a token of your friendship. With this merchandise, you’ll be able to fuse the Persona Futsunushi, one of the vital highly effective Personas of the Magician Arcana. Futsunishi has a minimal stage requirement of 79 as a way to fuse, so that you gained’t be capable to use this Persona simply but when you rushed by way of Kenji’s Social Hyperlink and storyline.

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Profiting from your restricted time is a key a part of Persona 3 Reload, so selecting the best dialogue choices and bringing the correct Persona when hanging out with a buddy is extremely essential if you wish to max out Social Hyperlinks as quick as attainable. Fortunately, you’ll be able to even max out Social Hyperlinks with feminine characters like Yukari with out being pressured into romance this time round.



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